Xinxiang Investment Guide: Introduction


Xinxiang site in the southern foot of Taihang Mountaion is a large-scale city in Central Plain. Muye battle, relieve the Zhao kingdom by besieging the Wei Kingdom, Zhang Liang assassinated King Qin, Guandu Battle, Chen briage mutiny have taken placed in this ancient but rich place. it was once the provincial capital of Pingyuan Province in the earlier date when PRC founded. It is the important manufacturing processing industry and agricultural product production base in north area of Henan Province. It is one of the six credit cities in the whole country and it is one of 100 top cities in industrials index in China. The existing population in Xinxiang district is 5,500,000, population in the urban area is 900,000.

Muye district lying in the north-middle of Xinxiang city. Its east and west parts traverse the whole urban area. Its area is 90 and total population is 310,000. With multiple functional city level districts such as Muye industrial park, civil vehicle industrial area and etc., it has attracted a lot of traders and producers. More than 100,000 students are richen in three institutes located in Muye district. Three state grade research instutes and its more than 80 branches offer strong support for economic development.